Progress update

Some of you may have noticed activity around West Byfleet station at the start of the week. Three much-loved concrete planters, which were previously located at the Sheer House site, have been granted a new lease of life at West Byfleet railway station. Rather than letting them go to waste, the project team arranged for the planters to be given a new home. Hosted by South Western Railway and the West Byfleet station team, the planters will be kept blooming by the West Byfleet Community Gardening Group. The re-homing of the planters is part of a much wider initiative by RVG to reduce waste as much as possible. You can read more about the demolition process and the project team’s approach in the next issue of The Resident magazine (No. 167).
The high reach excavator, which recently arrived on site, commenced enabling works on Friday. These works are to facilitate the relocation of another machine, so that the demolition can commence on schedule on Monday 12 July. Some people may have noticed cores being drilled into the concrete panels that form the external walls of Sheer House. These holes are so that straps can be inserted and the panels removed safely, using a sling.