Progress update

Some of you have been asking for more details on the safe removal of asbestos which we would like to provide an overview on. With health and safety paramount, our licensed asbestos removal team have been following strict protocols on-site.

Prior to the demolition, an asbestos survey was carried out by a licensed surveyor. This involved taking samples and sending them to a lab for testing. This allows us to identify what type of asbestos it is to ensure we carry out the correct removal procedures. 

Asbestos removal then falls into two categories: notifiable and non-notifiable. 

On a project like this where you have lots of different buildings, you nearly always find both, which we did. In the case of notifiable asbestos being detected, The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) are always notified. 

The team have now set out to work under an ASB5 notification from the HSE to remove the notifiable asbestos, with the following measures taken on site: 

•Sealed negative pressure enclosures are built in each area, preventing any risk of exposure. 

•Specially trained guys inside wear disposable overalls with full face breathing apparatus. 

•A decontamination unit is in place, which the workers use after every session. 

•All arising asbestos waste is double bagged in the sealed enclosure and locked in the sealed waste skip every night until it is taken to an asbestos waste transfer station. 

We are pleased with the progress Squibb has been making on-site and feel reassured by their specialist contractors who are highly experienced in removing asbestos. 

In other news, thanks to feedback from members of the community, we are aware of local sentiment towards the concrete planters and are working with the site team to find a solution that allows them to continue to be enjoyed.