Progress update

Squibb’s demolition team has spent the past two weeks carefully removing four layers of bitumen and insulation that had been applied to the main Sheer House building’s roof over its lifespan. This process, while time-consuming, is vital to ensure a smooth demolition and prevent these materials from being expelled into the wider area. 

The team have now also finished removing the concrete panels which formed the external façade of the building, including on the side of Sheer House facing Station Approach. You may have also seen a mobile tower crane in the area last week, which was used to remove the external fire escape on the side facing Station Approach. These two vital tasks were carried out prior to demolition, due to their location and proximity to adjacent properties allowing full control over the wider demolition of the main structure. 
As a result of these safety actions, the high reach demolition of the building is now well underway, shown in the image below.

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