Author: Spencer Neal

‘Goodbye Sheer House, Hello West Byfleet!’

We are as excited as local people to see some of the changes happening on site. Many of you may have noticed the new monarflex scaffold sheeting around the site’s main building this week. As well as helping to internalise dust, noise and debris from the demolition phase, we hope the new monarflex encapsulates our vision of  working […]

Progress update

Some of you may have noticed activity around West Byfleet station at the start of the week. Three much-loved concrete planters, which were previously located at the Sheer House site, have been granted a new lease of life at West Byfleet railway station. Rather than letting them go to waste, the project team arranged for […]

Scaffold wrap proposal gets submitted to Woking Borough Council

Once the scaffolding is complete, the building will be largely enclosed using specialist protective sheeting. This reinforced wrap, usually referred to by its trade name, Monarflex, will help protect the site and improve security and safety for the people working there. Importantly, the Monarflex also helps minimise any noise and dust from escaping the site. […]

Planning Consent Approved

Retirement Villages has welcomed Woking Council planning committee’s decision to grant consent for its Reserved Matters planning application. The decision to approve the detailed designs, which passed unanimously, means the long-awaited redevelopment of the Sheer House site in West Byfleet can commence.  The Reserved Matters application was presented to the full planning committee via Zoom on Tuesday 6 April. The approval will allow Retirement Villages to take another step forward in developing a new flagship retirement community in the heart of West Byfleet, Surrey.   Commenting immediately after […]

Progress update

People familiar with the Sheer House site in West Byfleet will know that it is due for demolition ahead of the regeneration of the entire site. We are pleased to confirm an important step forward in this process.Retirement Villages Group can now confirm the demolition contractor will start pre-demolition works on site this month, with […]

West Byfleet’s Sheer House design proposals submitted

The long-awaited redevelopment of the Sheer House site in West Byfleet took another step forward this week when the detailed designs, the so-called Reserved Matters, were submitted to Woking Borough Council.  Stewart Dick, chairman of the residents’ associations representing Byfleet, Pyrford and West Byfleet, said, “Almost everyone wants to see the end of Sheer House, although not without some anxiety about what might replace it. If the way that Retirement […]

West Byfleet’s Sheer House redevelopment takes another step forward

Retirement Villages has welcomed Woking Council planning committee’s decision to approve a key technical milestone in the planning process for the long-awaited redevelopment of the Sheer House site in West Byfleet.  The Section 73 application was presented to the full planning committee on Tuesday evening via Zoom. The amendments allow Retirement Villages to take a step forward in designing a new retirement community in the heart of West Byfleet.  Commenting […]

West Byfleet residents celebrate light switch-on with virtual event

West Byfleet is set to be illuminated in a Christmas display this weekend, with residents attending in a slightly different fashion to previous years. This year’s Christmas lights switch on will be broadcast live on Facebook for residents to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. The virtual ‘switch-on’ event has the added benefit of being able to be shared with friends and family near and far.   Gary […]